Renewable energy makes farming more sustainable and delivers a return on investment

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At Caplor Energy, we are committed to supporting our colleagues in the farming community and are delighted to be partnering with Wynnstay to provide a range of renewable energy solutions that will not only help to reduce your carbon footprint, but also provide excellent financial returns and reduced ongoing energy costs at a time when margins are particularly tight and the cost of electricity is continually rising.

Benefits for Your Farm

How much could you save with renewable energy?

Currently, farmers are typically paying between 15p and 20p per unit for electricity. By generating your own renewable energy with solar panels for example, you immediately reduce the need to buy electricity at ever increasing prices. Then, if you use as much of the energy you generate on site, you will get a greater return. For example, a solar PV system of 100kW on a large barn with 95% on-site usage will generate an average of 13.5% return, as well as over 40 tonnes of carbon reduction.

And what’s more, these savings can be realised for many years to come. With solid payback periods of 5-6 years and a potential 40 years lifespan on solar PV systems, it increasingly makes economic sense to switch to renewable energy.

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Caplor Energy Agricultural Case Studies

Poultry farmer uses solar energy and heat pumps from Caplor Energy to power 120,000 broilers

At Bryn y Groes farm in Oswestry, there is a big heat demand to keep their birds warm. They use ground source heat pumps which are powered by Solar panels and supported with battery storage for excess energy generated.

Since installation, there have been many financial benefits with increased electric generation and more tier 1 RHI payments, meaning they can run the heat pumps harder, which make the birds happier and performance has ‘taken off’.

Solar power provides a solid investment and reduces carbon footprint for agricultural recycling firm

Over the last 6 years, Agri.Cycle Ltd has invested in two solar power systems from Caplor Energy at their farm plastic recycling plant in Lincolnshire to generate one third of the power they require from solar energy.

The company is determined to reduce their carbon footprint, but is also realising the investment benefits with a 12% return and reduced ongoing energy costs.

“As electricity prices are going up, renewable energy is something that farmers really do need to look at. I would definitely recommend Caplor to anyone looking to invest in renewables, they are extremely supportive and good at working with farmers to get the best out of their systems to deliver top performance and returns.”

James Wigley, Poultry Farmer

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