Air Source Heat Pumps Product Range

Caplor Energy are an accredited solution designer and installation partner for most of the leading manufacturers, including Mitsubishi, LG, Daikin, Grant and Valliant.

Air Source Heat Pumps are given output rating in kilowatts (kW). Sizing a heat pump is never simple. The specification and system design is determined by a Heat Loss Survey which will be undertaken at the property by one of our specialists. The key considerations are the type of property, size and layout of the area to be heated, the insulation properties of the building and the potential demands on the system.

For most domestic properties Air Source Heat Pumps are specified in the range of 5kW to 16kW in size. Getting the specification right Is critical because if the unit is under powered, the heat pump will have to run for longer to meet demand. If over specified, the heat pump will be frequently turning on and off for short period. Known as short cycling, this  puts undue pressure on the heat pump which significantly effects its performance.

For commercial properties, such as offices, shops, warehouses and factory spaces, a range of commercially sized Air Source Heat Pumps with outputs up to 50kW are now available. Many businesses are deploying Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps in a cascaded system with multiple heat pumps operating in an integrated way. Cascaded systems enable incremental changes as little as 0.5kW which means the combined system is only ever producing the amount of heat and hot water required by the building. This generates the highest efficiency and significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the business.

To specify the right solution for your home or business premises, please just contact us and one of our qualified surveyors will be in touch.

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