The storage of energy using batteries is a rapidly evolving technology that is used alongside Solar PV to store surplus energy for later use. If you have Solar PV installed, you will know that you have plentiful energy generated when the sun is shining, but on heavily overcast days less energy will be generated and overnight none at all. This pattern of generation generally never matches up with energy use and therefore battery storage can be a very important part of a renewable energy system. Onsite energy storage will also reduce the electricity you use from the grid and cut electricity bills.

Unused electricity from Solar panels is fed into the National Grid and although you are paid for this electricity generation it is generally not as much as you would save if you used the electricity yourself. In addition, the latest battery technology can now export and import electricity directly into the grid, which helps balance demand and supply issues on the grid and also reduce carbon emissions at peak demands.

There are a range of battery types and sizes available, and the technology is advancing rapidly. Caplor Energy is able to design and install energy storage systems using lithium, lead acid or aqueous hybrid ion (salt water) batteries.

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Benefits of Battery Storage

*With the addition of a Critical Supply you can power chosen items such as freezers or routers for a limited time.

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