Renewable Energy technologies

Truly sustainable and high quality renewable technologies from solar PV to heat pumps, battery storage, electric vehicle charging and more

A renewable energy source means energy that is sustainable – something we cannot run out off, such as the sun, hydro, geothermal, tidal or wind power.

At Caplor we specialise in harnessing energy from the sun, the earth and also by some very clever technology where we can extract heat from the air. Our skill is to assess the farm building, business, home or community space you have and design a technical solution that will work really effectively.

If it is to be a truly sustainable investment, the technology also needs to be smart and very high quality. For this reason, whether it is a Solar PV system, a renewable heat pump, EV charger or battery storage solution, we only work with tier one quality manufacturers.

Our engineers and technical teams also rigorously attend the manufacturers latest training courses and work to the latest accreditations.

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