Regular servicing to maximise your asset's financial and environmental return

We want to ensure your system performs at its optimal level.  Like any asset, it needs regular servicing to maximise it’s financial and environmental return. Caplor Energy offer customers a variety of one-off or regular services to they continue to reap maximum benefits for many years to come.

Solar PV Monitoring and Maintenance

Research shows that Solar PV Systems that are monitored and regularly maintained, on average perform 10-30% better than those which do not benefit from this attention.

Panel Cleaning

It may seem obvious, but cleaning panels ensures maximum exposure to light and optimum energy generation.  We offer a full cleaning service to remove sap, dirt, bird droppings etc. from solar panels.

Very pleased with cleaning and service of the solar panels. Steve, the engineer, was very considerate, friendly and knowledgeable. Office staff were very helpful and polite. Thank you.

Caplor Energy’s Constant Cover Package

Caplor Energy can install an industry-leading monitor, allowing us to spot any performance issues with your system and react to faults quickly,  therefore reducing any downtime.  You will have access to easy-to-read graphics showing your system generation and comparisons with the previous month and even previous year, giving you peace of mind that your system is performing as intended.

Heat Pumps

We offer an annual service contract on all our Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps, to ensure they continue to perform at their optimum efficiency.  Should your system need repair, our team of engineers have extensive experience in diagnosing and repairing any issues in heat pumps systems.

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At Caplor, the safety and well-being of our customers is always our number one priority and we are strictly adhering to all Government guidelines on social distancing and operational procedures, including PPE for our team members and necessary cleaning of all contact areas. We would urge you to follow the advice of Solar Energy UK if you have any questions.