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Governors, Vice Chancellors and Head Teachers envisioning a school, college or university towards a zero-carbon future is an inspiration. There is no more important place to start to set an example for future generations.

An investment in renewables can also combine with real-life leaning on earth’s resources linking with geography, science, technology and engineering.

If, like many schools, you are interested in installing renewable energy, but are concerned about the financial implications, then read on. Various government schemes are available to help with the initial outlay, including the Energy Efficacy Financing (EEF) and Power Purchase Agreement programmes, which can help remove the strain of finding the upfront installation costs.

Once the system is installed and operational, your school, college or university will quickly experience reduced electricity costs and utility bills that will off-set the initial financial outlay.

Under the terms of a Power Purchase Agreement, schools, academies and other higher education bodies can benefit from free solar panels, that are fitted by qualified installers to enable electricity to be produced that is then sold back to eligible customers at a cheaper rate than the National Grid. Speak to us to find out more.

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University of Worcester

Watch this video to see how the Caplor team installed a 50kW solar PV system at the University of Worcester.

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