Sustainability should be key for every business with the aim of achieving a zero-carbon future

Sustainability should be a key aim for every business with the aim of achieving a zero-carbon future.

It is great for business, great for employees, great for the community, we live  and work in, and ultimately it will be how we are judged by our customers.

Large commercial roof space offer significant opportunity to generate power and new income streams via Solar PV. In addition, large commercial warehouse or factory spaces or offices can now be heated very effectively with Air or Ground Source Heat Pumps.

All of this energy can be generated with zero impact on the environment and technologies can be expected to last for 20 to 25 years generating income every year for the business.

Benefits for your business


Local business Westons Cider, who have been making cider from their Herefordshire site since 1880, approached Caplor Energy to add solar panels to the roof of their new warehouse in 2022. 

The project not only represents a significant commitment to developing a sustainable renewable economy, but also a means of saving on energy costs.

As part of the Bridgnorth project, TG Group received support from the Marches Renewable Energy Grant scheme which allows eligible applicants to apply for a 50% grant towards new installations of renewable technologies.

The 57.76kWp system will be installed on the builders’ merchants branch on the Chartwell Park site which sits alongside TG Group’s latest concrete plant.

It will save the equivalent of 28.5 tonnes of carbon which is a sizeable contribution towards TG Group’s aim of reducing its carbon footprint as far as possible.

G.H. Chennells Farms Ltd

Clay Farm, Lincolnshire

551kW system consisting of 1314 Solar Edge PV panels

Taylors Bulbs

Washway House Farm, Lincolnshire

647kW system consisting of 1542 Solar Edge PV panels

Financing your installation

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I'm a Chartered Engineer with an understanding of this technology and SO pleased to have come across Caplor...I'm pleased to say that everything was exemplary. A pleasure to do business with Caplor. A pleasure to commend them.
Richard Wenner

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