Join The Great Collaboration

  What is the Great Collaboration platform for? The Great Collaboration interactive online platform will track and capture information about the carbon reduction actions that individuals. business, community groups and schools in your local community are taking and planning. The platform will summarise what help is needed and where interest and opportunities lie. Information will inform […]

Solar Energy UK welcomes new board leadership Team

Solar Energy UK welcomes new Board Leadership Team We are thrilled to announce that Caplor founder, Gareth Williams has been appointed Vice chair of Solar Energy UK by the association’s board, along with Matt Black; director at Solivus and adviser to solar investors and developers who will be taking on the role of Chair  and […]

Renewables outpaces gas and coal power in 2020

The UK’s renewable electricity outpaced its fossil fuel generation for the first time in 2020 and could remain the largest source of electricity in the future, according to an independent climate thinktank. The thinktank behind the report, Ember, revealed that renewable energy generated by wind, sunlight, water and wood made up 42% of the UK’s […]

From many different points of view the new leader in America can surely only be viewed as a good thing.  In terms of Climate change – certainly a positive move forwards, or perhaps catch up….. Simple and easy introduction here from the economist this week.  I am sure we will be hearing much in the […]

Low-carbon revolution ‘cheaper than thought’

A landmark report says the UK can make major cuts to carbon emissions more cheaply than previously thought. The Climate Change Committee says that, for less than 1% of national wealth, the UK can reduce 78% of emissions by 2035, based on 1990 levels. This brings forward the UK’s clean energy timetable by 15 years […]

UK to outdo other economies with 68% emissions cuts by 2030

Great news from the Govt today on their climate ambitions. The UK will cut greenhouse gas emissions further and faster than any other major economy in the next decade, according to a new carbon target set out by the prime minister. There will be a reduction of 68% in annual carbon emissions by 2030, compared […]