Sara-Jane Berry


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Why did you decide to install Air Source Heating System (ASHS), what was your original motivation?

Our oil boiler was broken and we needed an urgent replacement.

Why did you choose Caplor Energy?

Local reputation. Ability to undertake the full turnkey job including additional radiators and plumbing.

What is your opinion of the sales and installation experience with Caplor Energy?

Excellent. We really  appreciated the very comprehensive technical survey and advice.

What results/changes have you seen since your system has been installed?

Just excellent. The ASHP now heats a two bedroom holiday cottage and a 75 sq m office barn conversion. The system looks really professional and is very quiet. Also, it has been wonderful to remove the oil tank.

What’s the biggest benefit you’re realised from your system?

Sounds silly, but the quality of the heat is just the best feature. It feels so different to an oil or gas fired system that generates very hot radiators for short periods and then switches off. The ASHP creates a steady and very lovely heat all day. It feels like a lovely comfortable blanket. Especially good in these cold winter months.

What are your future plans for renewable energy and sustainability?

We have some Solar PV already and now plan to install a second ASHP to heat our main home.

What would you say to any other business considering renewable energy systems?

The technology now available for Air Source Heat Pumps is quite incredible. We had -6°C outside and the house was a steady 22°C. How the system delivers this and so quietly and without burning a fossil fuel is just brilliant.

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