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Back in August 2021, we had the exciting opportunity to team up with renewable energy supplier, Good Energy, so they could offer their customers solar, battery and heat pumps, for 100% renewable electricity generation and storage at home. This partnership has been crucial in Good Energy’s and Caplor Energy’s strategy to help customers decarbonize their homes. Since the beginning of the partnership, we have received fantastic feedback from our new customers, one of whom is Dr Colin Widdup.

Dr Widdup chose an Air Source Heat Pump to be installed on his property in Wales by us back in October 2021. Air Source Heat Pumps are fitted to the outside of your property, typically in an area with good air circulation. They work by extracting thermal energy (heat) from the air and transferring it inside your property to heat radiators, underfloor heating or hot water.

Dr Widdup had two main motives for installing an air-source heat pump onto his property:

Resilience and Efficiency

Dr Widdup thought it would be a good idea to generate his own heat using electricity as a form of protection from fluctuating energy costs.

He said, “an air-source heat pump seemed like the most efficient way of getting heating. Efficiency is important to me and we wanted somewhere we could have an efficient energy system and increase our layers of protection from energy price fluctuations”.

Heat pumps are the most efficient heat systems available today, typically delivering between 3 to 4 kilowatts of heat for every kilowatt of electricity that is used, making them between 300-400% efficient. The increasing prices of both gas and electricity now make it cheaper to run a heat pump than a gas boiler.

To do his part for the environment

Dr Widdup also had the incentive to contribute toward a greener future. By installing a renewable energy system, he felt he was not only providing energy security but was also doing his bit to reduce his impact on climate change. Heat pumps are zero carbon at the point of use, and when combined with 100% renewable electricity from Good Energy make them an incredibly environmentally friendly source of heat.

He said, “environmental sustainability is an important issue for me, you’ve got to do what you can do. We wanted to be more self-sufficient and resilient, in a world where there is uncertainty.”

As 6 months have passed since the heat pump was installed, we called back and asked Dr Widdup if he is happy with his new installation.

He said: “The house is always warm, and we are using much less electricity now than before, which is surprising.”

Even during the colder months, the air-source heat pump has provided enough heat and hot water to the property, without having to burn any additional fossil fuels, meaning Dr Widdup has achieved what he set out to when looking at installing a renewable energy technology into his home. 

Why Caplor Energy?

Dr Widdup originally chose Caplor Energy to install his air-source heat pump as we came recommended by our well-trusted partner, Good Energy.

Although you were an unknown company to me, you came recommended by Good Energy and I trusted their recommendation. When someone came to look at fitting my renewable energy system it seemed like a really good fit and you really knew what you were talking about.”

When asked about his opinion on the Caplor Energy installation process and his overall opinion, he said: “I was really impressed with them. If we had any problems, I think they were resolved well. The times that the team visited, they flew in and I hardly noticed them and they worked really hard.

Dr Widdup is now considering more renewable energy options, such as a battery pack for his existing solar PV system to continue his home efficiency and sustainability journey.

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