Bassetts Nissan car showroom from above showing Solar PV

Bassetts Nissan Car Showroom


Technologies used:

Mr Francis was looking for a more sustainable way to carry out his business operations. He chose Photo Voltaic panels because his operational bases had a large expanse of roof space to be utilised. Mr Francis was impressed by Caplor’s ability to design a system to his own company’s needs and standards. The fast turnaround of installation was another reason Caplor Energy was the right provider for him and other stakeholders. The business stands to generate over £7,500 in its first year and has provided Nissan’s customers with assurances the dealership is moving forward in the right direction. The dealership promotes Nissan electric vehicles which meant test drives without their own supply of electricity could have added significant costs. Now, their carbon emissions have been cut by 40% as well as their operating expenses. Mr Francis was so impressed he installed PV systems on his four other dealerships in Swansea.

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