Welsh Farm’s Solar Panels Stolen by Thieves

Welsh Farm’s Solar Panels Stolen by Thieves

Police are still searching for the thieves who stole over 160 solar panels and associated equipment. The theft occurred earlier this month at two solar farms in North Wales. The sites targeted by the thieves are near St George, Abergele and Llanelian, Colwyn Bay.

Police believe it was a professional job with the thieves likely to sell the solar panels on the black market.

Thieves ‘Knew What They Were Doing’

The police have seemingly ruled out the possibility of the theft being an act of vandalism or an opportunist crime. PC Jones of North Wales Police said, “168 panels were taken from a container on the solar site near St George, Abergele, overnight on Wednesday and a solar site at Llanelian, Colwyn Bay, was also targeted on Wednesday or Thursday night.

“Those responsible clearly knew what they were doing and would have used a vehicle to take the panels and equipment away. We are appealing to anyone who saw any vehicle on or near the sites to contact us. The panels could potentially be used on houses or offices and I would appeal to anyone who is offered any for sale to get in touch on 101.”

PC Jones also warned people not to buy any solar panels on the black market.  The stolen panels can be converted for use on both commercial and domestic buildings.

Solar Panels For Domestic Properties

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Solar Panels For Commercial Properties

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