Solar power provides a solid investment and reduces carbon footprint for successful plastic recycling firm

Agri.Cycle Limited is a company that’s committed to reducing its carbon footprint and delivering on its environmental responsibilities. Over the last 6 years, they have invested in two solar power systems from Caplor Energy at their farm plastic recycling plant in Lincolnshire, with the most recent installation designed to generate up to one third of the power required from solar energy.

Agri.Cycle ( farm plastic waste recycling in 2006, in response to the introduction of EU legislation regarding the handling and disposal of agricultural waste. Today, still operating from a family owned, working farm in Lincolnshire, they recycle a wide range of materials including:

  • Farm plastic waste
  • Spent shotgun cartridges
  • Forestry and arboreal waste

With a network of collection points across the UK, farm plastic waste is returned to the Agri.Cycle head office where it is washed, shredded and processed on their purpose-built site in Lincolnshire.

Positioning Agri.Cycle as a ‘true recycling’ organisation

As a recycling company, Agri.Cycle use a lot of power when processing the farm plastic waste they recycle. They also take their environmental responsibilities very seriously, resulting in a Royal Warrant being awarded to the business in 2013, an accolade they are rightly proud of. They are committed to continued improvements and pride themselves of implementing the best environmental practices to position Agri.Cycle as a ‘true recycling’ organisation.

This includes investing in renewable energy in order to save electricity and reduce their carbon footprint. In 2014, Caplor Energy installed a 72Kw roof mounted solar PV system at Agri.Cycle to supply the processing plant with renewable energy through solar power. At the time, this system generated around a quarter of the power required to run the plant, but since then the business has introduced additional wash lines and recycling capacity which has increased their power requirements.

With in-house engineering knowledge and design expertise, the team at Agri.Cycle are continually monitoring the on-site energy usage (and costs) and have implemented a number of energy saving initiatives, such as increasing the efficiency and reducing the number of motors on conveyor belts to use less power. They have also introduced a Reed Bed in their reservoir, which is able to cleanse and recycle waste water through the extensive root systems of the reeds, saving over 24,000 litres of water per day which is a reduction of around 80%.

Generating a third of the required power from solar energy

Despite these initiatives, power demand at Agri.Cycle has increased in recent years due to business growth and the addition of new product lines and recycling processes. Managing Director, Robert Moore is determined to continue to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and has set a target to generate one third of their power requirements from solar energy.

Robert is keen to make use of whatever natural resources and land they have wherever possible, and recognises that they are lucky to have a lot of land at their disposal, where Caplor Energy have now installed a 140Kw ground mounted solar PV array.

As well as the environmental benefits of solar PV, Robert also recognises that renewable energy is a good investment, with reduced ongoing costs and protection against future energy price rises. From the existing solar PV system installed in 2014, Robert has seen a 12% return and is expecting a full payback on the system within 8-9 years. As Robert said, “That’s better than anything you’ll get from a bank right now .”but its more than the pay back, it`s about my environmental responsibility and its long term impact.

Robert continues:

“I’m very pleased with both of my solar PV systems installed by Caplor Energy. They are a very experienced, knowledgeable and professional team with a real passion for renewable energy. I am delighted with the results and would recommend Caplor Energy to any business.

As far as I’m concerned, investing in renewable energy is just the right thing to do – it’s helping us to reduce our carbon footprint and play our part in supporting the fight against climate change, whilst also reducing our ongoing costs and generating a good return on our investment.”

Caplor Energy is committed to helping businesses find the best renewable energy solutions, reduce energy costs and improve their environmental contribution. To find out more, please get in touch with our knowledgeable and friendly team who will be happy to discuss your options.