Martin & Co. introduces speed-letting

Speed Dating? How about Speed Letting?

You have heard of speed dating? How about speed letting! Martin & Co Merthyr Tydfil let out this property property and this property as well in less than one day, and not for the first time! If you want your property to join our list of fast lets, then give us a call DON’T MISS OUT!We ARE the UK’s number 1 Letting Agent

The experienced staff at Martin & Co have proved time and time again that they can find a new tenant for a new investment property with NIL VOID PERIOD. Tenants are referenced checked and ready to move in before legal completion on a property. If you are in the process of buying a property, DON’T MISS OUT. Give our professional team a call – you will not regret it

Landlords and Tenants ecstatic!

Both Landlords and Tenants have told us, how pleased they are with our highly professional and speedy service. We work extremely hard to make sure that the right tenant is matched with the right property, and that everything runs smoothly. By using the Martin & Co Best Practice procedure, we have happy Tenants and happy Landlords with minimum void periods

Tenant: Mrs Taylor who has relocated from Cornwall, said that she was delighted to have found a property that suits her needs, and for a reasonable rent. She commented that our service was second to none, and that she would certainly recommend us to friends and family.

Landlord: Gareth, a local landlord, was equally delighted that we found a tenant so quickly, when other agents had failed.