Gareth Williams appointed Vice Chair of the MCS Charitable Foundation (MCSCF) and director of the MCS company

We are proud to announce that Caplor founder, Gareth Williams has been appointed Vice Chair of the MCS Charitable Foundation (MCSCF) and director of the MCS Company.

With ever increasing commitment to the climate emergency by individuals through to the responses of national Government, the need to support the deployment of quality low carbon solutions has never been greater.

MCS essentially works towards the vision that everyone has access to affordable and reliable renewable energy – so we can all have warm, comfortable properties as part of a resilient, zero carbon future.

The MCS Company, defines, maintains and improves quality standards for the renewable industry, across the country.

The MCS Charitable Foundation has a programme to award grants and build partnerships which support innovation that will advance the mission – in the fields of skills, public education, research and zero carbon delivery programmes.

MCS contributes significant advocacy work in this sector for improvements to public policy and support.

Gareth has a deep rooted and evolving passion for the sustainability agenda.  This has led him to develop from his third-generation family farming roots into a diversified rural business that includes the multi award winning Caplor energy installation business.

‘’The reality of global climate change is increasingly accepted, and I am proud to be able to contribute towards the vital work that MCS undertakes in its part to address the challenge’’