Five benefits of renewable energy every business should consider

Businesses are understandably the largest consumer of energy in the UK as it is an unavoidable necessity. But how that electricity is sourced does provide UK businesses with several options. Today, there are more renewable energy technologies available which have a variety of benefits to every kind of business, both large and small.

These renewable energy technologies are becoming ever more important as we move towards a more sustainable society. Businesses who consume a lot of energy can especially help the country meet the government’s target of turning 30% of the country’s electricity supply to renewable sources by 2020.

It’s also understandable that switching to renewable energy systems does raise questions for businesses, who need to be aware of their profit margin, so it is worthwhile investigating exactly how making the switch can benefit the bottom line. Here are five reasons why switching to renewable energy make sound business sense.

The Returns Outweigh the Investment

Switching to a renewable energy source is not as expensive as it used to be; the global demand for renewable technologies has brought costs down. Once installed, the returns will quickly justify the original investment. While there are plenty of environmentally friendly reasons to make the switch, the facts are that renewable energy is good for the bottom line.

Many of the world’s biggest companies are already committed to switching to 100% renewable energy, including Google, Unilever and BMW. But it’s not just for big businesses as smaller businesses can reap the financial benefits as well.

Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

Not only will switching to renewable energy see a reduction in your company’s energy bills, but it will also lead to a significant reduction in your company’s carbon footprint. The renewable energy used by the business can be off-set with the company’s carbon targets. Also take into consideration the firm’s commitment to the government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme, which can be greatly aided by using renewable energy.

Now that all businesses have a responsibility to cut down on their carbon footprint, switching to renewable energy systems is one of the quickest and easiest ways to achieve it.

There is Potential to Profit from Renewable Energy

It is possible for many businesses to actually profit from the energy they generate through their renewable energy systems. Businesses can sell unused energy back to the grid which presents an opportunity to turn their renewable energy generation into additional profit.

The famous IKEA brand is a great example, as they use solar panels on the roofs of their stores as well as company-owned private wind farms to power a huge amount of its energy consumption. It then sells on any surplus energy not used by the business.

Renewable Energy Ensures Energy Independence

Using renewable energy means your business is not reliant on purchasing power from the Big Six. Generating your own energy allows you to control your own energy prices, meaning you are not at the mercy of price rises by your electricity provider.

Improve Your Company’s Marketability with Renewable Energy

By investing in renewable energy technologies, you can improve your company’s marketability to a new generation of consumers who are being raised to be much more socially and environmentally conscious than previous generations. While it is a morally upstanding choice to make, switching to renewable energy will yield significant commercial rewards as well, thanks to immediately making your company a more attractive proposition to clients and customers.

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