Feed-in tariffs present huge opportunity for farmers

Feed-in tariffs make renewable energy an attractive investment for farmers.

The chief renewable energy adviser at the National  Farmers Union (NFU), Dr Jonathan Scurlock, has commented: “There’s a natural fit between farming and renewable energy, whether you are looking at a wind turbine, solar electricity or a biogas plant. For some technologies, at the right scale and in the right place, these [feed-in] tariffs offer an excellent rate of return on investment.”

Introduced in April 2010, feed-in tariffs provide a fixed tariff for electricity produced and used on-site, along with a lower rate for any surplus exported to the National Grid.

Being based at Caplor Farm in Herefordshire, we at Caplor Energy are well-placed to provide renewable energy systems tailored to farmers’ specific needs. Caplor Farm grows 150 acres of potatoes annually and has significant energy demands due to the need for potato and vegetable grading and cold storage, in addition to cereal drying and other general use.

We have installed a 9.99kWp solar PV system onsite to contribute to our on-farm electricity needs. With the introduction of feed-in tariff payments, this system is projected to deliver a 9% return on investment.

We have experience of dealing with both small family farms and large agricultural businesses such as Haygrove Ltd. We are able to install solar PV systems for electricity generation and solar thermal systems for your hot water requirements.

Would you like to find out more about how solar panels could benefit your farm? If so, please contact us to arrange to see our demonstration solar PV system in action. Otherwise, more information on our services can be found here.