Children and communities getting on board with solar

Findings from a recent poll suggest that 81% of Brits are in support of further solar panel deployment across the UK. This is very much the case in Herefordshire where Caplor Energy has been working with a number of schools and village halls who are keen to find out more about the benefits of renewable energy. Last week work finished on installing two solar PV systems at Brookfield School, Hereford. This system will not only save the school hundreds of pounds in electricity costs, provide an income guaranteed for 20 years, but most importantly will play an instrumental role in educating our children about the importance of renewable energy.
BrookfieldAs Anika Brown, Brookfield School Bursar, explains “Both the primary and secondary school have a screen which displays key facts about the electricity generation and carbon saving – it provides an excellent teaching tool and is used by Eco-School, School Council as well as during lessons”. Caplor Energy was recently asked to attend an ‘Environmental Supermarket’ organized by Herefordshire Council, where schools were able to find out about the range of environmental initiatives on offer. Caplor Energy firmly believes that the environmental, educational as well financial benefits of renewables should be made available to all.
Caplor Energy recognizes that the upfront cost of installing renewable energy systems can often be prohibitive for community groups such as Village Halls and Schools, which is why they are able to offer a scheme which allows the cost of the system to be repaid over a number of years. Caplor Energy is committed to supporting community buildings which play a vital role within our communities but are often under resourced.