Caplor visits Fownhope Primary School

Last week Gareth Williams visited Fownhope Primary School to speak to pupils about the benefits of generating electricity using solar power.

The class began by learning about the origins of the sun as a vast cloud of gas. They then fastforwarded a few billion years to Spring 2010, when Caplor Energy will be installing a 5.5 kW solar PV System on their roof.

The system is projected to generate around 4,500 kW each year. The pupils were amused to hear that this would be enough electricity  to boil water for around 27,000 cups of tea for their teachers.

The children thoroughly  enjoyed the presentation and sent thank you card as seen to the right.

The presentation at Fownhope Primary School forms part of a wider community emphasis at Caplor. We feel that it is important to educate others on environmental technologies, because so many of the solutions to environmental challenges require community cooperation and engagement.

If you would like us to deliver a presentation at your school or other local organisation, we would love to hear from you – please contact Paul to arrange a visit.

To download a .pdf file of the presentation click here