Green Farm

Rises in energy bills have made the refrigeration and storage of produce an increasingly costly part of modern farming.

G Owens & Son of Green Farm in Herefordshire are demonstrating that this does not need to be the case, utilising a 1MW solar photovoltaic (PV) system to cut bills from the farm’s potato storage buildings.

Solar PV stood out as the logical solution for G Owens & Son who had a 15 acre field available for a ground mounted array. After consulting West Midlands based Caplor Energy, the business decided that a 1000kWp system would provide plenty of green electricity whilst covering the sites peak demand and allowing the site to benefit from payments for electricity exported back to the grid when excess capacity is being generated.

System Specification

Capacity 1000kWp
Predicted annual output 929,000kWh
Predicted annual CO2 savings  527 tonnes
Panels ET Solar 250Wp x 4000
Inverters SMA STP 60 x 15
Mounting framework TATA Steel

G Owens & Son extensively researched and were in discussions with Caplor Energy for almost two years before deciding to proceed with installing a system. Caplor was contracted to design, supply and install the complete system and the sites daily activities posed several challenges.