Caplor embraces new business card technology

The digital revolution we are living in dictates that surely at some point, printed business cards will become obsolete and everyone will use inventions such as their business card phone apps, or electronic devices to transmit their contact details.

Always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact and wanting to embrace new technologies, Caplor Energy has chosen to use V1CE business cards for all of our in the field sales team; on a replacement basis.

NFC- (near field communication) enabled business cards can look exactly like a conventional, functional printed paper business card. However, each card has a tiny chip and an antenna embedded inside and work in a very similar way to contactless card transactions. They collaborate to transmit data to mobile phones and other devices which are also NFC-enabled, when they are tapped together. Being able to transmit more than names, numbers and URLs means that we can send examples of our work in image files and tap-to-play videos sent straight to a NFC-enabled device. For any phones that are possibly a little older and don’t have NFC there is a QR code on the back which includes the same data.

Caplor MD, Neil Evans chose to have his new card in “Bamboo” which not only is eco-friendly but for each card purchased V1CE will plant a tree.

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