Refrigerated pack houses and cold stores perhaps offer the most exciting potential for renewable energy investment. A recent study demonstrated that 48% of refrigerated  cold stores in the EU have an average power consumption exceeding 500kW. These highly energy intensive locations provide wonderful investment opportunities for both ground mounted and roof mounted Solar PV.

In addition, industrial refrigeration is a major source of carbon emissions and if agri-food businesses want to be a valued long term partner of national and international retailers it is essential that they embrace sustainability.

Battery storage solutions operated in tandem with Solar PV technologies also offers up an excellent renewable energy solution providing the ability to draw down electricity as required. For example, when warm fruit and vegetables require quick cooling when coming in off the field. In addition, when onsite electricity demand is low, battery storage provides the ability to hold electricity and then sell to the grid when tariffs are at their highest.

Technologies for Horticulture

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