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Large roof areas, agricultural buildings are ideal locations for Solar PV and Solar Thermal systems.  They don’t require planning permission, are easily installed and need minimal ongoing maintenance.  For agricultural operations with a high energy requirement, such as refrigeration units, poultry housing, milking parlours, grain storage etc. matching this usage to the daytime generation maximises energy efficiency, so reducing the additional cost of importing energy from the grid. Battery storage also provides new opportunity for farmers to store excess energy to use as required or sell back to the grid when tariff rates are at their highest.

Indeed, many farmers now operate an energy business as a discreet costed enterprise as part of their diversified farming operation.

Fundamentally, as custodians of our beautiful countryside, we are certain farmers primary motivation is to reduce carbon and secure the future of our planet.

Poultry farmer James Wigley realised he had significant opportunity to utilise Renewable Energy solutions for cutting costs, reducing carbon and generating significant returns on investment at his Broiler Farm in Oswestry. 

Embracing Solar PV, Battery Storage and a Ground Source Heat pump, James is able to generate his own electricity to run his Ground Source Heat Pump a little bit harder to maintain the temperature in his sheds.


NFU Cymru President Aled Jones, a North Wales-based dairy farmer who was seeking to reduce the costs of his energy bills. Dairy farming is a highly energy-intensive process, with milking the cows, cooling the milk and ventilating the cow sheds all requiring significant energy.

Aled approached NFU Energy to conduct an Energy Efficiency Audit to identify some energy savings he could immediately implement. He then used NFU Energy’s Renewable Energy Solutions service to identify an installation partner for solar photovoltaic panels and was introduced to Caplor Energy as an NFU Energy approved partner.

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We are thrilled and proud to be working in partnership with such well-respected organisations whose values and culture blend well with ours. We look forward to being able to help consumers and businesses throughout the UK deliver a brighter future through renewable energy.

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