Solar PV in Dorset

Caplor Energy provides multiple renewable energy solutions for individuals, businesses and communities in the Dorset area. The options available include solar panels for both commercial and domestic use, plus environmentally friendly heating options such as heat pumps and biomass boilers which can help reduce energy bills.

Caplor will provide Dorset-based businesses with solar panels that can generate electricity the business then uses to run their daily operations, allowing them to bypass the usual rate-charging suppliers operating in the Dorset area. The initial investment in the panels will eventually pay for itself as the cost of the company’s utility bills significantly falls.

Solar Power Technology for Dorset Homes and Businesses

The high quality renewable energy installations available in Dorset are actually an excellent investment opportunity for businesses of various sizes both large and small. They can also be used for individual homes and even communities too. Rooftops are the usual spot for the placement of solar panels, though any unused open space on the ground can be adapted for solar panels as well.

Additionally, a community of households can work together to identify areas around their homes and gardens where the solar panels can be placed, using these communal spaces to enable the generation of renewable energy in Dorset.

Other Energy Services Available in the Dorset Area

While Caplor Energy are experts at installing the wide variety of domestic and commercial solar panel products, the company also offers a solar panel monitoring and maintenance service to ensure the renewable energy source continues to operate at optimum functionality.

Additionally, Dorset residents can buy biomass boilers through Caplor Energy, which are a source of affordable heating fuel which also help to lower carbon emissions. Other options include air or ground source heat pumps available for Dorset businesses and homes.

Whether you live there permanently or just run a business in Dorset, Caplor Energy has the renewable energy solutions for you.

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Solar PV Projects in Dorset

Micron Communications

Micron Communications was incorporated in 1996 by engineers Mark Parsons and Jake Scannell who identified a requirement for a partner who lead their operation from an engineering rather than sales based perspective. Since its birth, Micron Communications has grown into the Micron Group incorporating Micron Maintenance Ltd, a dedicated support operation and Micron Talk Ltd, its award winning network services division.

Caplor worked with Micron Communications to install  11kWp Solar Panel Installation which would benefit the company in the following ways:

  • Estimated electricity savings are £1100 each year
  • FiT generation and Export tariff payments are estimated at £700 each year
  • Providing a payback period of just over 8 years
  • Energy Performance of building increased


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